Pacific Health Association is the result of the three western states combining resources
to better serve health systems and their patients.

PHA is a nonprofit organization founded in 1995 to provide information, support and representation to current members of the three state associations and future members. As most health care systems and other health care organizations now operate in multiple states, PHA provides a vehicle for the three state associations to collaborate and provide better service to their members on a multi-state basis.

Together, the three state associations represent nearly 700 hospitals and health systems. The membership base of the three state associations includes almost 95 percent of the hospitals and health systems within California, Oregon and Washington.

For more information contact CHA (916) 443-7401, OAHHS (503) 636-2204 and WSHA (206) 281-7211.

PHA is Pleased to Suggest the Following Services and Products
(Listed Alphabetically)


CareNex is a multi-faceted, client services organization that provides a comprehensive menu of Disease Management and Patient Communication, Tech-Knowledge SolutionsSM to its clients in the healthcare, medical, hospital and related care-oriented industries. It is based in Los Angeles, California. 

For a list of services offered by CareNex visit their website at

Health Talent, Inc.

HealthTalent provides healthcare facilities with reliable, high quality staffing solutions.  Our initial focus is providing high quality registered nurses to healthcare facilities to alleviate the growing nursing shortage.  We can provide quality travel nurses to assist with short term assignment needs, and we can provide a long term staffing solutions through our growing number of international nurses. Our success is the result of quality screening, selection and matching of professional skills with healthcare assignment requirements.  Health Talent is a JCAHO certified staffing company.

For more information, contact Health Talent at (866) 856-9494 or their website at

Integrated Revenue Management, Inc.

Integrated Revenue Management (IRM) is a national healthcare education company focused on improving all aspects of revenue cycle management.  IRM’s hospital partners conservatively expect to recover annual net income improvements in excess of $178 million over the next 12 months.  IRM specializes in: Evaluating revenue cycle processes and providing facility-specific Strategic Road Maps of additional embedded revenue opportunities; Professional Training and Implementation of internal Revenue Management Departments and staff whose core competencies are focused on achieving appropriate net revenue increases through transactional audit reviews and process improvement initiatives; Providing metrics to track and trend process changes and correlative increases in compliance and net revenues; and Providing comprehensive revenue education that supports all components of the revenue cycle.  IRM's corporate offices are located in northern San Diego.

For more information please contact Deb Hagen, Vice President (619) 917-6897, via e-mail at or by visiting the IRM website at  

Nielsen Healthcare Group

The Nielsen Healthcare Group, based in St. Louis , provides interim healthcare executives and departmental managers for hospitals and other healthcare organizations. These managers are available for short-term assignments in Nursing, Medical Records, Pharmacy, Plant Operations, etc. Experienced executives are also available to act as interim CEOs, CFOs or CNOs. A 12 percent discount is available to members of the California, Oregon and Washington state hospital associations.

The Nielsen Healthcare Group is pleased to announce that a Pacific Health Association hospital employee at Central Washington Hospital is the receipient of a 2011 Nielsen Healthcare Group Scholarship. The receipient will be using the scholarship to pursue an Associate of Technical Study in Radiologic Technology degree at a local college.

Nielsen case studies & testimonials:

  Orchard Hospital & Palomar Health
  Stanford Hospital & Clinics
  University of California, San Francisco Medical Center 
  Barton Memorial Hospital
  Kittitas Valley Community
  Sky Lakes Medical Center

For more information contact the Nielsen Healthcare Group at 1.800.581.8901 or their web site at

Origin, Inc.

Origin, Inc., a Portland, Oregon company, provides an efficient Web-based system to manage and procure supplemental medical staff. The Origin ESP (Enhanced Staffing Performance) software allows hospitals to schedule supplemental agency staff through a single interface rather than multiple contacts.

For more information contact Origin at (503) 232-2555 or visit their web site at

Russell Reynolds Associates

With one of the largest healthcare practices of the major executive search firms, Russell Reynolds Associates offers in-depth knowledge and exceptional consultative service in virtually every area of healthcare delivery and payment, including hospitals, health systems, medical groups, sub-acute providers, health plans and PPOs, as well as the vendors to these businesses, such as disease management, IT outsourcers and consulting companies. We hand-pick a unique team of consultants for each project, choosing professionals with the exact skills and backgrounds necessary to complete each senior level search quickly, efficiently and with compelling results. Working closely with our valued clients, these teams identify experienced and creative business leaders who help our clients to deliver high-quality, cost-effective service.

For further information, please contact Carol B. Emmott at (415) 352-3300. The firm’s web site is

SoftScript, Inc.

SoftScript, based in Santa Monica, California, is one of the nation’s fastest-growing privately-held medical transcription companies.  With a 100% U.S. workforce that averages 14 years experience in the industry, SoftScript is frequently recognized for its exceptional quality, turnaround time and customer service.  Preferred pricing is available for PHA Members.  Please see the PHA memo.

For additional information or to request a quote, please call toll-free (800) 909-9950 or visit SoftScript on the web at


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